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This is my CAS reflection blog. My name is Margaret Merogi, and I am an IB Diploma Candidate. My reflections are listed in order by activity. Photos are of inspirational quotes and from CAS experiences!
"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (via peacecorps)

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The last weekend was our show day. It was wonderful! All of our hard work paid off. However, during the two dress rehearsals, we had a few hard times. One girl was sick, forgot to call in, and she had a LOT of lines that were crucial cues for other characters to enter. I didn’t want the director to find out she didn’t show up to rehearsal, and therefore be in a bad mood for the rest of the rehearsal, so 5 minutes before we started the show, I grabbed a script and began memorizing her lines, along with saying my own. Luckily I had a few scenes before I went on to memorize her lines, and I delivered most of them on cue. I felt as if I really took a huge leadership position in this by using my own initiative to step up and memorizing someone else’s lines instead of just letting the director read them off, and therefore be in a bad mood. I learned that sometimes you have to take one for the team, and I’m glad I did, because this was a really good lesson for me to learn. 

Today was one of our last rehearsals of 2013! We need as many as we can get, though. We are really behind. Today we worked on the ending scene of the musical for the first time, and it was really chaotic. We were all mixed together and no one knew for sure what we were doing- it was a huge scene, the ENTIRE cast was on the stage at once. In rehearsal, I like leading by example. I feel as if telling people what to do and how to act is the director’s job, and instead I will just act how I am supposed to, and others will follow. I’ve learned that sometimes, this is the best way of leading, as taking an obvious leadership position will sometimes make people averse to your ideas. 

This is my CAS project. Project Vivace had their second concert! It was amazing. A group of 15 performers brought their instruments and holiday sheet music to the Botsford Commons, set up in the lobby of a ward, and began playing and taking requests. While we didn’t end up sticking with the program we printed out, we sang and played more than we planned. I was supposed to sing a duet with my friend, Adam. However, Adam and another performer went to the wrong place, and it was very stressful to have to change the program and adapt to their missing instruments. I felt as if I did the right thing by changing the program without making any mention of it, however. The consequences of doing this may have diminished our credibility and left a few people in the audience confused, but it was more worth to stick with the joy the music brought instead of focusing on songs being out of order. I really liked it, and eventually they showed up and we were able to perform all of our songs, and more. I learned that there is a silver lining to every cloud and every problem that comes about.

In another session of MSi, we began actually dialoguing about issues regarding diversity. However, to begin that, we played some games to get ourselves warmed up first. The first game we played was the alphabet game, and we cheered on the participants as they attempted to work together as a team to get alphabet letters out of a box and arrange the alphabet again in less than a minute. I encountered a problem in this game since I and my friend were the ones leading the activity. The kids weren’t able to get the alphabet done in less than a minute, and after two or three times of them not catching it, instead of increasing the time limit, I pretended as if they did it in a minute. 

I felt as if pretending they did it in under a minute was right because if they kept failing at a task over and over, they would not have achieved the theme of “teamwork is best” as we wanted them to. I learned that even if you have to make white lies sometimes, if it is for the greater good, it’s okay. 

Today was Diversity Day! Diversity Day was where diversity committee members planned for months to hold an assembly with Calvin Terrell speaking, LGBTQ activities and dialogue sessions. Only 3/4 of the school came to Diversity Day, resulting in smaller dialogues for the facilitators, which included myself. The biggest problem of Diversity Day was the dialogues. I facilitated in the dialogues class in my sophomore year, but there was a huge difference between those kids and students ranging from grades 9-12. I noticed they were unenthusiastic about all the activities we had planned, so I had to change my plans on the spot to adapt to what they were interested in. I feel that I changed the plans accordingly and the students were interested in the dialogue after I adapted the questions to what we were talking about. 

Today was SEMMUNA. I felt as if I really prepared and researched hard for my committee on anti-Islamic rights. After a lot of debate, I was a sponsor of a resolution along with the countries of Saudi Arabia and Britain. This resolution supported the banning of free speech around the world- and honestly, I was surprised it got passed. During our presentation of the resolution, I got plenty of bad comments and amendments from countries that did not support the censorship in our resolution. I felt as if they were very harsh in their amendments, however, I replied back swiftly and accurately and shut down their point. After the resolution was passed, I went back to them and asked why they didn’t want it to pass. Even though committee was essentially over after the resolution passed, I learned that it is always good to learn more about a subject.